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An educational and informative resource for all things VR


An educational and informative resource for all things VR

Welcome to the New Reality Network website

The media landscape is forever changing. Professionals in the field have to constantly adapt to new technologies and increased competition. The spearhead of this technological change in the media is virtual reality and 360-degree video. This new immersive format is completely changing the way we consume media. Now, instead of reading a story about the conflict in Syria, you can actually be there through the illusion of virtual reality. Instead of watching a live-stream of a concert, you could be in the front row of the crowd and feel the energy in the room through 360-degree video and encapsulating audio. It is giving content creators, event organisers, newsrooms, TV stations, and online publications new ways of delivering their content to the ever changing habits of consumers. 

This virtual reality renaissance is daunting, and it's only just begun.

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That's why we are here. Here at New Reality Network we want to demonstrate just how simple it can be to create VR content. You don't have to buy fancy headsets or own top of the range PCs, you can create and consume VR content on your smartphone and view it through inexpensive headsets like Google Cardboard. However, if you want to extrapolate the very best from what VR has to offer, then we'll be demonstrating proof of concepts for just how you can go about achieving that.

On this website you'll find a stream of our latest content, educational and easy to follow how-to articles and videos, blog posts documenting our own creative process , and a news page relaying the latest in the world of virtual reality. We want this website to be an educational tool for media professionals, aspiring media workers and technology enthusiasts, to get people familiar with virtual reality and challenge this idea that creating virtual reality content is overwhelmingly difficult. 


If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch and we hope you find New Reality Network helpful.

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The consumption of podcasts has grew significantly over the past five years. Millions of people consume podcasts on a daily basis. But what if you could feel as though you were a part of the discussion? Instead of being a fly on the wall, you had a seat at the table. That is the illusion and feeling we are aiming to create with our podcasts. A podcast about VR, but filmed in VR.


Alongside producing our own material, we want to educate and teach you how to do it yourself. Through informative, educational, and easy to follow how-to articles and videos, we hope to be able to do so. Whether it be showing you how to edit 360-degree video or publish VR content, the how-to content is designed to transfer our knowledge to you.

Virtual reality broadcasts

Television broadcasts for so long have been presenters feeding you news and information from a live studio. But what if it invited you into the studio, brought you out on location with reporters covering breaking news, or seated you alongside a correspondent giving their analysis in the studio? By fusing TV broadcasts with VR we hope to bring a new dimension to this media delivery method.


In addition to the how-to's and our own products, we want to document our own experiences in the hope this may help others. Believe it or not, we are relatively new to this technology too. The blog posts will outline the process of filming and editing the podcasts, broadcasts, and livestreams, but also the designing and founding of New Reality Network itself. 


We've all been in the situation were you couldn't get tickets to see your favourite band, or watch your football team in the finals of a tournament. But what if instead of watching a shoddy cell phone video from the crowd or catching the highlights on TV, you felt as though you are actually there in the crowd? By presenting a live-stream in virtual reality we hope this will replicate that experience.


It is important to us to also keep you in the loop about virtual reality and 360-degree video. There are constantly new tools and software being released and tested that provide a new way in which to consume and/or create VR content. As VR solidifies itself into the mainstream, more and more companies will be releasing their own products. This stream of news will keep you up-to-date will everything you need to know.

At its very core, virtual reality is about being freed from the limitations of actual reality. Being able to jump into it whenever and wherever you want, qualitatively changes the experience for the better.
— John Carmack